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The Cast

Michael Novotny

Trustworthy, sweet, and cute beyond belief, Michael is everybody's best friend, and the perpetual Boy Wonder to Brian Kinney's Super (Anti) Hero. This raven-haired stud with the supersonic smile was also voted "Guy most likely to live happily ever after" - that is if he can just get over Brian…and come out of the closet completely.

Justin Taylor

This young, blonde, new kid on the queer block is Pittsburgh's hottest new heartbreaker. He's also a fine young artist, with a special gift for drawing his favorite subject…Brian Kinney. Although Justin can be a bit of a brat at times, he's also quite brave and also wise beyond his years when it comes to reading people's hearts.

Brian Kinney

Whether in the boardroom, the bedroom or the backroom, this hot, heartbreaking ad exec tells it like it is…no apologies, no regrets. Although his three favorite hobbies are sex, sex and sex, he is also a man who is always there when his friends need him…although he isn't always going to be nice about it.

Emmett Honeycutt

This Mississippi native is out, proud and fabulous. With his see-through tops, and shame-resistant slacks, Emmett has to be voted the "Most-Likely-To-Stop-Traffic" on Liberty Avenue. But if you look beyond his queerliscious wardrobe and witty repartee, this "retail queen" is also a man of integrity and an observer of human nature who truly enjoys offering advice to anyone who needs it, whether they ask for it or not.

Ted Schmidt

Rejection and insecurity are a way of life for the button-downed, pencil-pushing, tucked-in Ted. His hobbies include web porn, video porn, porn magazines and pining after codependent relationships and/or unobtainable men

Lindsay Peterson

This WASP princess is more whole grain than white bread, but she still can't seem to suppress all those urges to…uh…suppress. Mostly warm, but with the capability to chill, Lindsay is a committed partner to Melanie and adoring mom to Gus. But probably her most difficult role is being one of Brian's best friends.

Melanie Marcus

She's a tough, no-nonsense, civil rights lawyer with a motorcycle mama past. Melanie isn't afraid to express a controversial opinion — whether personally or professionally. Yet, despite this contentious nature, she's also a devoted partner to Lindsay and mother to Gus, and will defend her friends to the death…even her sometimes nemesis: Brian.

Debbie Novotny

Like a warm slice of birthday cake, Debbie is the colorful, proud meddling mother of Michael. She's also the de facto mom of just about every other queer on Liberty Avenue. Besides joyously sticking her nose into the affairs of her queer flock, she spends her free time fighting discrimination, counseling gay teens and their parents, taking in runaways, caring for her brother with AIDS, and dishing out turkey meatloaf and lemon bars at the Liberty Diner.