David Cassidy and Michael J. Fox

- Separated At Birth?

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I mean, ok, so they don't REALLY look that much alike... but I was watching Entertainment Tonight last night and they had "Secrets of the 70's" on...and I thought he did...


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MICHAEL JACKSON has reportedly exchanged two high-profile attorneys for a new one. Former ROBERT BLAKE attorney THOMAS MESEREAU JR. will now represent Jackson in his child molestation case, replacing MARK GERAGOS and BENJAMIN BRAFMAN, according to news reports. A source says Jackson had approached Mesereau soon after he was charged with child molestation, but Mesereau declined because he was then working on the Blake murder trial. He recently left that case due to differences with Blake. Mesereau had no comment for the media about his new role, but did say he would be in court on Friday when Jackson is expected to be arraigned in Santa Barbara, CA.


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As to why Brafman and Geragos had been replaced, Brafman has been quoted as saying, "Based on recent developments and discussions with various persons in the Jackson camp, it became clear that it would be best if Mark and I decided to step down." Some legal experts speculate the move could mean that Jackson had lost faith in his legal team, or that the legal team has lost faith in Jackson. Jackson will face a judge for the second time on Friday when he is expected to plead not guilty to child molestation.


"Piano Man" BILLY JOEL lost control of his 1967 CitroŽn on a rain-slicked road and crashed into a Long Island home on Sunday. It was his third car accident in two years. According to Nassau County police, there was no evidence of alcohol or drug involvement and Joel was not hurt. The owner of the house was not home at the time. In January 2003, Joel totaled his Mercedes when he crashed into a tree not far from this latest accident site. Following that incident, Joel's his ex-wife CHRISTIE BRINKLEY publicly expressed her concern because their daughter ALEXA had been riding with her dad just hours before. Authorities did not administer a Breathalyzer test after the incident. Seven months earlier, in June 2002, Joel escaped serious injury in a similar crash.


MARTHA STEWART's brother, FRANK KOSTYRA, plans to sell off some of his famous sis' personal items on eBay, reports the New York Post. Among the 60 or so mementos are her first catering car, the Singer sewing machine she used to make her wedding dress and an oak rocking chair. Kostyra says the pieces came from the New Jersey home where he, Martha and their siblings grew up. Kostyra has kept the items in the "Martha Stewart Heritage Childhood Collection" in storage since their mother moved from the house in 1987.


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