Answers to The Disney Quiz


1. Which "The Lion King" character was first portrayed as a male and is now a female in the transition from screen to stage?

Rafiki the baboon shaman was voiced by Robert Guillaume for the film, and was a male character; on stage, she is played by a woman.

2. What classic Disney animated film is based on a story that began its creative life as a theatrical play?

"Peter Pan" debuted on stage in 1904. It proved so popular that playwright J.M. Barrie adapted it into a novel, "Peter and Wendy," in 1911. Walt Disney loved the story, and the rest is history!

3. How many times do you hear the catchphrase "Hakuna Matata" during each Broadway performance of "The Lion King"?

No worries -- "Hakuna Matata," is said a whopping 25 times per performance.

4. Which of these "Mary Poppins" songs on Broadway were written exclusively for the stage show: "Step in Time," "The Perfect Nanny," or "Practically Perfect"? "Practically Perfect" is one of several new songs you'll hear on stage.

5. Which Disney Channel Original film can be licensed for performance at schools?

School productions can purchase the license to perform a special adaptation of "High School Musical" created for the live stage. It's even available in two versions -- a full-length theatrical adaptation, and a one-act version!

6. Glenn Slater co-wrote new songs for "The Little Mermaid" on Broadway, along with composer Alan Menken. What is Glenn's prior Disney claim to fame?

He co-wrote the songs for Walt Disney Pictures' "Home on the Range," also with Alan Menken.

7. What Tony®-winning Broadway stalwart provided a lead character voice for Disney's animated "The Lion King"?

Nathan Lane, the voice of Timon, is a celebrated Broadway star. Appropriately enough, Ernie Sabella, the voice of Timon's warthog pal Pumbaa, is another Broadway regular.

8. How many actresses have portrayed the character Belle in Broadway's "Beauty and the Beast"?

So far, a grand total of 17 actresses have filled the role of Belle on Broadway -- and many more have played her in touring productions around the world.