The only 7 star

Hotel in the world


This Hotel in Dubai, Arab Emirates

60 Euros for entry and to take a tour

It took 18 months to build and the input of the 5 best architects in the world to design it

It cost an estimated 65 Million Ä

The hotel opened itís doors to tourists in June 2003

Can you imagine the cost of a single night here?

Trump seen taking notes...


Strangely, the rooms do bear a resemblance to the Lanai Suites at the Taj Mahal.

Except not as seedy and worn.

That interior design gives me a headache. Way, way, way too busy.

I refuse to stay in a hotel without mirrors on the ceiling!
I have standards- low ones, but standards nonetheless.


Rated 7-star by whom? It looks pretty, but in a Vegas-y sort of way.

And where what is around it for fun when you leave the hotel?


I think you can get a low-end room for about $700 USD per night.

I looked it up once on their website, but I had a hell of a time trying to find a currency converter

to figure out the US equivalent of the UAE money.

No comparison to the greatest hotel ever to exist.



The dining room is hideous. They guy who designed the ceiling needs to have his eyes ripped out.


They rated it 7 stars themselves. I've can say I've got an eight star hotel in my apartment upstairs; that doesn't mean you'll get anything but a futon and EasyMac for two days.


Nice that the Bin Laden family got the contract to build this hotel. More funding for terrorists

courtesy of the Arab world.


Pretty building, but ostentatious. I'd prefer an old New York or Paris hotel. Not to mention I would much prefer being in New York or Paris than a desert country where people want to cut off my head.

It's a very nice hotel, very pretty to look at... too bad they plan on tearing it down.

Isn't the star system based on the number of towels, the wine cellar, and other crap like that?

If so, this place must have human bidets.

Ali Baba I'm impressed
Though I'll never be a guest
Not just 'cause it's far away
Also 'cause I couldn't pay.