My son Cody
Cody Jonah - Age 16
My Son Cody & Me

Cody and Dad
  • Cody Jonah was born on September 3, 1996.
  • He has 3 very proud Grandparents: Grandpa B and Grandma and Grandpa D. Cody misses Grammy B alot!
  • Cody was also fortunate to have got to know Great Grandma Y.
  • He loves Video games! X-BOX, PS2, Nintendo DS, he has them covered.
  • Cody's favourite food used to be perogies and bacon but.... I think he now prefers fettucine with a white wine alfredo sauce...
  • He is very adept with using the computer and he has his Dad's and Grandpa's patience with it.
  • He knows how to play the trumpet. Takes after his mom.
  • He was a Scout, also became a Venturer -- he's growing up too fast!
  • He is learning to drive this year!!! OUCH!
  • He has awesome marks in school - was gettng A's in Math -- now he is in advanced classes. Wants to be a math teacher. Good choice!He certainly gets his brains from Mom.
  • He wants to become a Mathematics teacher.
  • Cody is the Greatest Kid in the Whole World, and Dad is very, VERY PROUD of him!

"Chattahoochee Cody"